Photo Gallery




Mr. Longmore and his father working in the shop!



This is a project Mr. Longmore worked on for his friends Steven & Martha Swaerdzeger who live in Scottsdale, Arizona. It was an addition of a Regal 8' to the Tom Donahue House Organ. The Regal 8' is the first reed stop built in the Longmore Shop. It was scaled by John Brombaugh after an organ in Himmelpforten by an unknown builder of the 16th Century.



Other projects being built in the Longmore Shop.


Re-leathering a Hook & Hastings Reservoir.



Re-leathering at Pasadena Community St. Pete.

Construction of a 3' X 4' regulator with the curtain valve shown.


Slider Windchest under construction

4' Octave Pipes, under construction


Slider Windchest


Festival Trumpet
St. Jeromes - Largo, FL