William H. Longmore & Associates offers voicing, tuning, relocation of existing instruments,and re-voicing of existing instruments. We offer the finest voicing and maintenance services in our area. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service at the lowest rates. For a free, no obligation quote, please contact us at or call us at (863) 858-7374. Upon assessment of your situation, we will provide you with an affordable solution to your instrument's maintenance needs.

Other projects done by William H. Longmore & Associates are listed below:

Our latest project involves complete refurbish of a two-manual Flentrop Organ in the Roberts Music Room,
Eckerd College, St. Petersburg, Florida.
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Built and installed three new electro-pneumatic windchests for the Pedal Division of the 3-Manual Shantz Organ in the First United Methodist Church, Lakeland, Florida.  Original windchests damaged by termites

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Complete re-leathering of a Two-Manual Shantz Organ for the First United Methodist Church in Sebring, Florida
Completed 2012
Complete re-leathering of the Pedal Division of the 1926 Moller/Wicks Organ in Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Tampa, Florida

Reconditioning of a M.P.Moller house organ for Dwight Thomas, current Director of Music at
St. Peter's Episcopal Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Florida

Installing a 1967 three-manual MP Moller Organ in St. Andrews Catholic Church, Orlando, Florida.

Completed in August 2011


We have recently completed painting the facade pipes in the Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Tampa, Florida. (ABOVE)

The project involved painting 64 full length pipes, some measuring 20 plus feet in length, as well as 34 partial length pipes for a total of 98 pipes with an acrylic enamel paint.

The project was finished in late February, 2011. Click Here or on Photo for more pictures!!

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This is an altar that was built for Saint Joseph's Catholic Church in Orlando, Florida. The altar is hand carved by William Longmore. It is one of many examples of other services provided by our shop.

Our company has taken part in many unique projects.  One of these being, this organ case built for The Adventures Club located in Pleasure Island. Pleasure Island is part of  Downtown Disney in Orlando, Florida. This project was completed in April of 1989.

This was a project that consisted of new casework for Annie Pfeiffer Chapel at Florida Southern. Annie Pfeiffer is one of the many Frank Lloyd Wright building's located at Florida Southern in Lakeland, Florida.