Latest Projects

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Here are some of our latest projects.

Re-leather of the Pedal Division of the First Baptist Church, Winter Haven, Florida
June 2013

Re-building a 61-note 8' Gedeckt stop for the
St. John The Divine Episcopal Church, Sun City, Florida
October 2013

Re-leathering a 61-note electro pneumatic windchest for the Oboe 8',
First Presbyterian Church, Titusville, Florida

September 2013

Addition of a new Peterson Single Board Duo Set Combination Action with 128 levels of memory,
First Presbyterian Church, Lake Placid, Florida
July 2013

Past Tonal Refinements

All Saints Episcopal Church, Lakeland, FL
Re-regulate Principal Chorus, Great and Positive Divisions

Beymer Memorial Methodist, Winter Haven, FL
Re-regulate Festival Trumpet 8' (choking down)

Maximo Presbyterian, St. Petersburg, FL
Re-regulate Great 2' Super Octave and 3R Mixture

Christ Scientist, Tampa, FL
Re-voice Choir Harmonic Flute 8'/4'

St. Peter's Episcopal, Plant City, FL
Choke Down Great Trumpet 8' stop

St. John Divine, Sun City, FL
Re-build Great Gedeckt 8' stop

First United Methodist, St. Petersburg, FL
Re-regulate Numerous Ranks on Both Great and Choir Divisions